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A history of “Jake’s Again”

By Dee Ryan – In remembrance of the passing of her dear friend, Jake Davidson, Dee asked to have this article from Jan. 2013 reprinted.

By now you all know the legendary bar on the corner of Sims and Wayne Road. The one with U of M football helmets adorning the outside of the building is for sale.
Built about 1920, it started as “Webberlines”, then “The Dog House”.  It became “Jake’s Lounge” in 1975, when Jake’s parents, Jenny and Harry Davidson bought it. In 1985 it was sold to Marlene and Carl Corbin and renamed “Misty’s” after Marlene’s poodle. When Carl died, it became “Corbin’s Corner.”
It became “Jake’s Again” in 1989.
Some of Jake’s fondest memories are his Goodfellows parties, when Bill Brooks and Larry Bates worked hard to make “No Child without Christmas” a success.
Coming in a close second were the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Of course, St Pat’s Day started long before the 17th of March.  It began with the bus trip to the Eastern Market with a group of friends to pick up 300 lbs. of corned beef.  Several stops had to be made during the trip—places to see and refreshments to enjoy.  The corned beef was then slow cooked and served with the traditional cabbage and potatoes.  No one can ever say they left hungry from a “Jake’s Again” St. Pat’s day feast.
In December Jake and his happy group of Santa’s helpers took the bus trip to Dearborn Ham Company, and picked up 10 or 12 hams, which he distributed to friends.
The history of Jake’s has to include the formation of the WUJA’s—the Washed Up Jock’s of America.  Prominent members are Chappie Reynolds, Tom Wilmot (TC) and Bill Sexton. John Roland and George Wootton were also important members of that group.  It was John Roland who introduced the St. Mary Men’s Club to the camaraderie of  “Jake’s Again.”
Bill Sexton is the WUJA responsible for the Sports Hall of Fame covering one wall of the bar, it honors men and women who have contributed their talents to so many different sports in Wayne and Westland. The new owner may keep the wall intact—otherwise we’ll have to find a new home for them—say at the Community Center.
Many out of town sporting trips have been enjoyed by Jake and the WUJA’s such as the NCAA basketball tournament and the golf outings planned by different members each year.
Through the years, Jake Davidson has sponsored many teams—bowling, volleyball and numerous softball championship teams.
Whether you wanted a hamburger, or the all you could eat, best fish dinner in town—or just a place where you could be with friends, “Jake’s Again” was the place to be.  It was Wayne’s answer to “Cheers.”
“Helium.”  That will be the name of the new store.  It will occupy the site of Wayne (or Barb’s) Used Books.  Dave and Kim Jenkins are the new owners and “Helium” will offer their jewelry for sale.  Dave makes the jewelry from copper, sterling, and brass.  Together they design the pieces. They plan to bring in other Michigan Artists to showcase their wares.
The Jenkins have a son, Brian and a daughter, Elisabeth, so Helium will be a family affair.  Look for a Grand Opening this fall.
The Ladies’ Literary Club held their annual Scholarship Fundraiser last month.  The donations for the evening will be used to defray college expenses for two young women; one from Wayne Memorial and one from John Glenn.
In addition to the splendid refreshments, it’s always a treat to see so many friends.
Thanks to the Program Committee—Sue Damitio,  Darlene Hawley, Karen Healey, Carolyn Marnon, Carolyn Reynolds, Elaine Pittman and Bev Woodard.
We want to say a very special “Thank You” to Al Haidous our former Mayor.  He donated two Detroit Tiger tickets. They were raffled off and his gift was greatly appreciated.

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