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August 2022 NEWS BRIEFS

Posted On 14 Aug 2022
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Local author appearing at Books on the Avenue
Jamie Samland, Wayne Memorial High School Class of 2000 alumnus, will be celebrating the release of his 4th book “Ooo Shiny” with a book signing on Friday, August 26, from 4-6:00 p.m. at Books on the Avenue, 35622 W. Michigan Ave, Wayne. This book as well as his others will be available for purchase.
From the author’s website, the book “Ooo Shiny” is described: “The dark lord’s call pulls the exalted king from his eternal slumber, but he’s trapped behind a stone wall. A centipede calls out for help, but what if it’s a hyper-advanced AI from the future? An assassin uses everyday objects in his craft and grooves to 1990s top 40 hits. What if Ivan the Terrible’s Golden Library were hidden under the Red Square Krispy Kreme? Cannibal ghosts drive you into an eating frenzy.
“Ooo Shiny! is a series of absurd stories from a mind that can’t focus. Sometimes rambling nonsense that aims to make you smirk or your eyes roll, even the most black-hearted, humorless souls will find at least one chuckle in this collection. Grab a stick of unicorn jerky and respawn into the dungeon next to the D.E.D. sorority mixer! …um… read this book!”

St. Mary Catholic Church to celebrate first responders
Please join St. Mary’s Catholic Church as it says, ‘thank you’ and honors the dedicated service of police, fire and first responders in Wayne and its neighboring communities of Westland and Inkster.
There will be a Mass on Sunday, September 11, 2022, at 11:30 a.m. followed by a reception at St. Mary Catholic Church, 34530 Michigan Ave, Wayne. For more information, call the church at (734) 721-8745.

WWCS still has literacy on the road
Each year hundreds of young children disconnect in the summer, making it much harder in the fall to succeed academically. As a result, Wayne-Westland Community Schools have loaded up the buses to bring BUSting with Learning. This initiative aims to provide free literacy resources to kindergarten through third-grade students in the community.
“Literacy is the catalyst for all learning. This important initiative helps reinforce literacy in the next generation and bridge early literacy gaps,” said Wayne-Westland Community Schools Superintendent John Dignan.
Throughout the summer, buses will visit elementary schools in the district. Students and families can pick up books, school supplies and materials while having a little fun with games and activities.
Buses will also be cruising through the community, passing out books to children in the neighborhoods. To learn where BUSting with Learning is stopping next, visit https://bit.ly/39r2KV2. BUSting with Learning stops are occurring through August 17.

Upcoming Wayne Historical Society events
Aug. 11 – History of Farmhouses
7pm. –Museum Curator, Tyler Moll, will be talking about the history of farmhouses. Learn about these very functional houses that served an important role in agricultural life.
Aug. 24– Fairy Garden Craft
6:30pm. –Make an enchanting fairy garden. This craft will enlighten any room or make a charming gift. Cost $20
Sept. 8 – Simons Family
7pm. –Fascinating talk by Norma Lloyd Simons on one of Wayne’s pioneering families, the Simons.
Sept 28– Witch Hat Craft
6:30pm. –Make a spooky hat for Halloween or the Witch’s Tea. Decorate it any way you want. Cost is $20
Oct. 2– Old Wayne Cemetery Walk
1-3 p.m. –Downtown at the old Wayne Cemetery.

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