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Bill paying may have just become more convenient

You can now pay your City of Wayne and other popular bills at the Wayne Police Department.

By Carolyn Marnon – Are you looking for a more convenient way to pay your bills? The answer could be the DivDat kiosk, described by Bob Walter of the DivDat Kiosk Network, as a “reverse ATM.” Many Wayne residents have already been using a kiosk located at the Dollar Castle on Ford Rd. Now those residents and others who are being introduced to this bill-paying system will find a more convenient location right here in Wayne.
Installed in the lobby of the Wayne Police Department, you are able to pay any bill that you could do at the City Hall payment window. According to Walters, DTE bills are the most popular to pay at the kiosk.
Paying bills at your convenience in a safe environment is key to DivDat. DivDat kiosks accept cash, credit card or personal check. This payment center is fee free and you will get a “real time” receipt to avoid any shut-off notices. For your security, your payment information is not stored in the kiosk.
According to DivDat.com, Wayne residents will benefit in many ways:
• If English is a second language, the kiosks are multi-lingual:
• Fee “free” – customers preferring cash can pay multiple times in a month without any fees:
• No need to travel to a payment center with limited hours:
• Account look-up capability based on service address or account number:
• Immediate account posting – alternative payment agent payments do not post for 48 hours:
• Immediate receipt – on paper or text or email:
• Shut-off prevention – when a shut-off notice is given, payment time becomes critical. The kiosk, with real-time posting, allows the utility additional flexibility to receive payments:
• Extended hours to making payments:
• More local languages:
• Privacy, dignity:
• Easy to use:
• Placed in safe locations instilling confidence:
• Convenience – kiosks are strategically located in community centers, retail stores, government office service centers:
• Operate kiosk at your own pace:
• Transactions are conducted in private – a “judgment free zone” with kiosks.

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