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Community Prayer Breakfast set for January 15th

Bishop Art Wilson, founding pastor of International Church of Metro Detroit with his wife Bethany.

By Sarah Shurge – The International Church of Metro Detroit is excited to invite you to their third Community Prayer Breakfast.
“The goal and mission of the breakfast is to focus on important values in the time we’re living in,” said Art Wilson, founding pastor of International Church of Metro Detroit. “Social media, politics, and the world in general is negative. This breakfast is a place to bridge the gap between the community and leaders – it’s a safe place to come together and it not be political.”
The Community Prayer Breakfast will be held on Monday, January 15th (Martin Luther King Jr. Day). The event will start at 10 a.m. at HYPE Athletics (4635 Howe Road) in the White Rose Banquet room.
Highlights of the breakfast event include: honorable mention of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and his legacy and passion for Civil Rights, recognizing some of the nonprofit groups in the surrounding communities, presenting ten $500.00 scholarships to assist college students, and a time of focused prayers.
The International Church of Metro Detroit will be honored by guest speakers, including mayors and supervisors from surrounding communities.
“The core focus is so citizens can have access to people they elected and work for them and the city. They can see them, shake their hand, and hear them speak,” said Pastor Wilson. “There’s not a venue that really creates a safe place for the community and its leadership to spend time together without a double agenda. We actually have it and make sure this event sticks to its mission.”
The International Church of Metro Detroit held the Community Prayer Breakfast in honor of September 11th last year and Pastor Wilson stated that five mayors attended, including the Wayne mayor.
“It’s a really big deal that we’ve been able to create an event that we can get the interest of leaders,” said Pastor Wilson. “It’s a work in progress and we’re evolving. We’re listening to leaders and citizens and they’re telling us what they like.”
Hosting the breakfast in the city of Wayne is a big deal to Pastor Wilson and The International Church of Metro Detroit.
“It’s really important to us that it’s in the city of Wayne,” said Pastor Wilson. “It’s our city, our headquarters. It’s important to spend time with our city, with our mayor, and all of those from the staff.”
The International Church of Metro Detroit has been located in Wayne since 2010.
Wilson was the founding pastor that started the church in 2002, but they didn’t have a stable location. The church was mainly focused on community service at first, until they got their first building in 2009.
“We found our home – it’s been Wayne. We’re here to stay,” said Pastor Wilson.
Wilson didn’t always plan on being a pastor or starting a church.
“I never dreamed of it,” said Pastor Wilson. “I expected to be more of an athlete.”
Wilson attended church more, got married, and he began to focus on family and a religious foundation. When he was around 20 years old, he started taking classes in church. Wilson went on to receive a PhD in Education and Divinity, and Master’s degree in Hebrew. “Opportunity to minister became more clear,” said Pastor Wilson. “I accepted an opportunity to become a pastor in 2002, when I created the church.”
Wilson explained that the International Church of Metro Detroit is an extremely diverse, multicultural church with at least 10 different nationalities within leadership and teams. There can be anywhere from 300 to 400 people attending on Sundays.
“It’s an incredible group of thankful people that have come from everywhere,” said Pastor Wilson. “Anybody is welcome.”
The International Church of Metro Detroit is located at 31650 Van Born Rd in Wayne.
Their Sunday service includes: 10 a.m. Sunday School, 11 a.m. Worship Service, and different events every Sunday evening. The first Sunday evening of the month is Revival Day, the second Sunday is Women’s Day, the third Sunday is Men’s Day, and the fourth Sunday of the month is Connection Groups. There is also service Wednesday at 7 p.m.
For more information about the International Church of Metro Detroit, visit theinternationalchurch-.org, or call (313) 995-6466. The website will be updated in February. You can also find the International Church of Metro Detroit on Facebook and YouTube.
The Community Prayer Breakfast is almost at capacity, so be sure to call the church and reserve a seat.
“We want the community to come out,” said Pastor Wilson.

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