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Experience the Jurassic Journey at HYPE Athletics

Posted On 09 Feb 2024
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By Sarah Shurge – Over 100 real size dinosaurs are coming to HYPE Athletics.
Come participate in the Jurassic Journey, an educational experience, from March 3rd through 9th. The event will be open from 10 a.m. through 8 p.m. at HYPE Athletics on Howe Road.
This will be the third year that HYPE has hosted Jurassic Journey.
“It has been wonderful. Thousands of families and kids come,” said Ali Sayed, founder and CEO of HYPE Athletics. “When you’re a fan of dinosaurs and your own exhibit, no matter what it’s a success.”
All eras of dinosaurs will be at the event, and kids can come and learn about the history of each dinosaur. “It truly is an educational experience,” said Sayed. Kids will have the opportunity to touch and feel the dinosaurs and learn what they look like and what they feel like.
An archeology digging experience will also be available where kids can dig through sand with brushes and find bones.
The admission fee is $12 per person. Ages 2 and under are free.
Food and beverage will be available at The Hoops Cafe at an additional cost. There will also be a gift shop for attendees to purchase items and free gifts will be handed out as well.
“This event supports education, as a portion of the proceeds will go directly to schools,” said Sayed. A portion of the proceeds will aid in support of the Dearborn, Crestwood, and Wayne-Westland Education Foundation.
“If attendees participate in field trips with those schools, a portion will go back to them. They just have to come in and mention what school they are from to donate,” said Sayed.
You can purchase tickets at the door or visit hypeathletics.org, or call (734)721-7400.
Please call if you’d like to volunteer for the exhibit.
“It’s a ton of fun,” said Sayed. “I love seeing the smiles and kids that are so positive and excited to be there.”
HYPE is also preparing for its March Madness membership promotion. For more information, visit the website or call.
“All are welcome. We’re so excited to see everyone come to the center and see the exhibit,” said Sayed.

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