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Lt. Amore selected as Police Officer of the Year

Lieutenant Robert Amore with Chief Ryan Strong and members of the Wayne Police Department after receiving Police Officer of the Year award in Wayne.

By Sarah Shurge – Each year the Wayne Police Department’s Awards Committee – which consists of patrol officers, command officers, and the police chief – meets to select a Police Officer of the Year Award recipient as well as other individual awards for exemplary service.
On Tuesday, July 11th, at the City of Wayne’s Council meeting, Lieutenant Robert Amore was presented with the 2022 Wayne Police Department Police Officer of the Year Award.
“I work amongst the best of the best police officers in my opinion. Any one of us could have received this award and would have deserved it,” said Lt. Amore. “I’m truly humbled that my peers nominated and voted for me to receive this distinguished award.”
Lt. Amore has been at the Wayne Police Department (WPD) since 2005.
“He’s been with us for a long time,” said Wayne Police Chief Ryan Strong. “I’ve worked with him for almost two decades and never seen him walk around the police department with a bad attitude.”
On July 27th, Lt. Amore celebrated 18 years with the WPD.
“I can’t think of doing anything else, and I never wanted to do anything other than police work,” said Lt. Amore. “I’m thankful I get to do what I love to do. I take pride in my work and strive to do what’s best for the Wayne Police Department.”
Throughout his time at the WPD, Lt. Amore has received a life-saving award, meritorious awards, and chief’s commendation awards.

Lieutenant Robert Amore was presented with the 2022 Wayne Police Department Police Officer of the Year Award by Chief Ryan Strong.

Lt. Amore was a vital part in the department’s recent accreditation with the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police (MACP).
“The accreditation process was a long road starting with Retired Chief Maciag and Retired Lieutenant McKay several years ago. They laid the foundation for Wayne getting accredited,” said Lt. Amore. “Sergeant Boruta and I took over the process about two years ago.”
Accredited agencies must not only show that they have rigorous and modern policies, but they must prove that they follow those policies.
“We gathered several hundred proofs needed and drafted multiple policies to gain accredited status. Although Sgt. Boruta and I led the process, we had great support from Chief Strong,” said Lt. Amore. “The accreditation process was truly a department effort. Everyone was involved in making changes that made WPD a better agency.”
Representatives from MACP attended the Wayne City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 2nd, to officially award accreditation to the Wayne Police Department.
The WPD stated that less than 10% of law enforcement agencies in the State of Michigan are accredited, so this is a significant honor.
We could not have done the accreditation without him [Lt. Amore],” said Chief Strong. “Accreditation allows us to prove to the community we are true professionals in both our words and actions. I am tremendously proud of the hard work that our entire team put into the accreditation process, particularly Lt. Amore and Sgt. Boruta.”
Lt. Amore is currently a road patrol Lieutenant.
“My favorite part about being a police officer is having an impact on the public that I serve. Knowing that my work contributes to the well-being of society gives me a strong sense of purpose and fulfillment,” said Lt. Amore.
Lt. Amore specifically thanked his retired coworkers, trainers, and command officers, along with his current support staff, officers, sergeants, his fellow lieutenants, and Chief Strong.
“I’ve formed strong bonds with colleagues, both past and present. I have the pleasure of working with very talented and professional officers. My coworkers are like family and I’ve formed life-long friends,” said Lt. Amore.
Lt. Amore has been married to his wife for 13 years and they have four children. “One of things I like about the award process – it’s not just me making the decision. It’s a decision made by all of us. This was a team decision and it’s well deserved,” said Chief Strong.

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