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History of theaters in Wayne over the years

The history of theaters in Wayne begins with the Palace Opera House, which was a one-story meeting hall with a raised stage at one end. It was located about where Bakers Acre is on Michigan Avenue. Dances, speakers, political rallies, and high school graduations were held here...

Historical Museum digitizes photo collection

For the past year or so we have been working hard at the museum to digitize our collections and get them online for all to see. So far we have scanned in over 15,000 photographs, slides, negatives and digital images. Many of these images have never been seen before and show...

How did our roads get their names?

The story of how our roads got their names is a fascinating and little-known history lesson. Michigan Avenue was originally called the “Chicago Road” because it runs all the way to Chicago, and didn’t get the name Michigan Avenue until 1867. Glenwood was originally called “Dewey...