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Van donated for 29th District Court Work Program

The city council approved of the van donation by Jeff Frazier to the 29th District Court Work Program and presented Frazier with a plaque as a gesture of appreciation to say thank you.

By Sarah Shurge – “The court would like to thank Frazier’s Towing and Jeff Frazier for the donation to the City of Wayne for the use of the Court Work Program to help keep the City of Wayne clean,” said Denise Steffens, Court Administrator at the council meeting.
On Tuesday, March 19th, the city council approved of the van donation by Jeff Frazier to the 29th District Court Work Program and presented Frazier with a plaque as a gesture of appreciation to say thank you. “Jeff, I want to thank you on behalf of our citizens of Wayne. This is a big deal for you to do this,” said Wayne Mayor John Rhaesa. “I appreciate you thinking of that program and what we can do to make Wayne better that way.”

Frazier’s Towing and Jeff Frazier donated a van to the City of Wayne for the Court Work Program.

The 29th District Court Work Program is designed to allow misdemeanor offenders to fulfill their sentence of an average of three to five work program days or Community Service hours. It is held at least one day per week, for four hours. They work picking up trash around the city, park clean-ups, painting over graffiti under bridges and in the public parking structure.
“We have a lot of trash out there that we’ve been picking up with our work program and this [van] is going to help out tremendously because not everyone has transportation,” said Steffens. They also try to fill the work requests made by the community and are always open to suggestions.
“The court program makes a difference out here. We’ve seen the before and after pictures,” said Mathew Mulholland, Councilperson. The work program was previously merged with the 18th District Court in Westland, but in 2021, it returned to the 29th District Court in the City of Wayne. The Court Work Program not only provides services to help keep the city clean, but defendants can participate to avoid an alternative jail sentence.
“This van will provide transportation for participants who do not have transportation, and now we’ll be able to clean up a broader area,” said Steffens. Steffens has been the Court Administrator since November 2020. The van that was donated to the work program has three rows of seating and plenty of room for trash in the back.
“I was just scrolling through Facebook and saw Judge O’Leary post about the Work Program and found out she’d love to have a van. So I kept my eyes open and came across this van and it was perfect,” said Frazier.
Frazier started Frazier’s Auto Service Towing in 2014, about two years after his dad passed away. His father, Howard Frazier, was the original owner of Howard’s Towing. So Frazier has been involved with towing for around 20 years. Frazier’s Auto Service Towing spells F.A.S.T. for a reason. “That’s actually how I came up with the name when I started the business. I want us to be the fastest. I want to get there fast, to get you off the road fast, and get you situated as fast as possible,” said Frazier.
On March 15, 2022, the city council approved the contract between the Police Department and Frazier’s Towing.
“No one is ever happy to call a tow truck, so everyone is always on the defensive side. So to ease the pain, we try to be a better company for you – get there faster, be courteous, and give them a better option,” said Frazier. “We’re also able to fix vehicles right there, so we’re a one stop shop.”
Frazier’s Auto Service Towing is located at 35830 Van Born Rd. They provide 24-hour towing and the office hours are 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. You can contact Frazier’s Towing by phone at (734)329-2699 or email at frazierandsonsllc@gmail.com. You can find them on Facebook by searching “Frazier’s Auto Service Towing”.
“Mr. Frazier, I’d just like to say thank you for the donation. It’s definitely well appreciated. Plus it’s going to help us keep the city a little bit cleaner,” said Don Quarles, Councilperson. “And always, thank you to the court program for what you do.”
To learn more about the 29th District Court Work Program, you can follow Judge O’Leary 29th District Court’s Facebook page. You can support the Work Program by helping keep the community clean.

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