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5 eyesores house guests notice first

Did you know that out of all the months of the year, July ranks third in popularity? According to Ranker, a website that polls millions on everything from film to sports to food, July even topped December, which clocked in at fourth; May secured the top spot, while June came in...

Councilman Porter resigns from Wayne City Council

By Sarah Shurge – After seven and a half years of serving the community, Mayor Pro Tempore Tom Porter, resigned from his seat on City Council on Tuesday, June 20th. Effective Wednesday, June 21st, his resignation was final and official. “I have put off this day as long as I...

Early car makers in Wayne

There were cars made in Wayne before Ford? Yes! The first was made by a man named Charles Collier, a Civil War veteran, he moved to Wayne around 1900 and opened a bicycle repair shop at the corner of Brush and Newberry. Known as a tinkerer, Collier put bicycle tires on a buggy...