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A rose by any other origin would be just as sweet

Wayne Memorial cheerleaders Sarah Lauer, Savannah Gridley and Brianna Sextonsold wooden roses at a recent concert in Goudy Park. Photo by Ryan Wright of SonderImage.com.

By Carolyn Marnon – “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” goes the William Shakespeare quote. However, what could be sweeter than Wayne Memorial High School cheerleaders selling roses?
Every Wednesday throughout the summer concert series at Goudy Park, the cheerleaders will be behind the stage selling roses to concert goers. What makes these roses so special, besides the girls who are selling them? They are wooden roses which means they won’t wilt and die a few days after you buy one, two, or however many.
$1 gets you one rose, but $5 can get you 6 and $10 can get you a dozen! They come in 19 different colors with a few new colors that were added this year. Wooden roses were chosen as a fundraiser because they had “never seen anyone sell the wooden roses and unlike real flowers, these can last a lifetime. The rose sale at the concerts in Goudy Park sold very well last year, so we decided to bring them back this year. We also have a few new colors that we have added this year,” said Cheerleader Booster Club Public Relations Chair Jennifer Sexton. That brings the total available colors to 19 this summer.
Money raised from the sale will be used to help purchase items the cheerleaders need throughout the season.
“A dozen wrapped up makes a beautiful gift for someone. Our cheerleaders will help in choosing the perfect color scheme, then wrap them up and finish with a pretty ribbon!” encourages Jennifer. Make sure you stop by their booth during the concert series.

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