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AB Market now open


AB Market is now open on Howe Road and Annapolis.

AB Market is now open on Howe Road and Annapolis.

By Carolyn Marnon – “We want to be the clean store in Wayne” is what owner of the newly opened AB Market on the corner of Howe and Annapolis, Abdul Sufi, wants everyone to know.
When he first leased the space, it was dull and dingy.  Since then, it has been painted, had new tile flooring installed and it even smells clean. He has had the space for several months, but the painting, changing the floor, getting electrical work done and having inspectors come in has taken time. Abdul repeated multiple times how he wants his store to be the cleanest in Wayne.
The store is quite simple, carrying the basics that anyone might need for a trip to the corner store. There is no alcohol for sale.  All the refrigerated cases have drinks and dairy basics.  In addition to the single serving bottles of soda pop, they carry 2 liter bottles. The prices are reasonable.
Abdul is starting slow and plans to build up as business grows. He plans to add a fresh deli section soon.  He has a few fruits on the counter; he also has a couple produce stands waiting for fresh produce.
If all goes well the first year, “is the business going to help me?” says Abdul, then he wants to add a kitchen to the back of the store where he can make hot food such as chicken fingers, wings and hamburgers.
The sign on the side of the building has “fresh dates” on it.  Abdul gets his packages of dates from the Middle East.  He says they are very fresh.  Also, if something is not available that a customer would like to see in the store, he can get it if the customer asks.
Because of its location close to HYPE, AB Market is stocked with health bars and other items someone might like after a workout.
When you walk in, you will be greeted by either Abdul or his store manager, Bakeel Kassem. Maybe you’ll be greeted by both of these friendly gentlemen.  The store seems to have a little bit of everything—chips, pop, ice cream, health food, candy, dairy, breads, cereal, personal grooming items, household items, and more.  By summer, there should be a slushie machine and an ice cream machine.  They have fresh coffee available for $1.  “We’re not greedy; we have good prices,” stated Abdul. They also plan to take WIC once they are approved for food stamps.
The location was chosen because it was the best location for what Abdul wanted to do.  He once lived in Buffalo, New York and had a store there. Although he lives in Dearborn, he has put his business dollars in the City of Wayne.  Stop in, say hello, look around and see what needs this store could fulfill for you and your family.  Help another new Wayne business grow and succeed.

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