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Cardio-Drumming comes to Goudy Park

Cardio-Drumming in Goudy Park at the amphitheatre in Downtown Wayne..

By Carolyn Marnon – According to Erin Robichaud Moore, “Cardio drumming is the absolute best cardio workout there is!” She goes on to explain the it entails placing an exercise ball on top of a large bucket and using a pair of drumsticks to beat a rhythm. “With music filling the soul, one is lead through a workout that keeps you moving, dancing, jumping, and a-grooving the workout away—which doesn’t even feel like a workout because it is so much fun and time flies. It is quite contagious.”
Erin has been an independent personal health coach for seven years. When she first heard of cardio drumming, she thought it looked like fun “but that it was honestly quite ridiculous and that it would not provide a great workout-just something fun to do. Boy, was I wrong! From the first workout full of sweating and muscle burning, I fell in love. More so, I found it was a great way to get people up and off the couch as this is a fabulous workout for those at the top of their game athletically all the way to the person that is limited in mobility or confined to a wheelchair. I have personally been leading cardio drumming classes for two years now. I, along with several other health coaches, have gone on to lead these classes in multiple locations and not only have a great workout class, but we have built friendships and an amazing community within the larger community. We are now in Wayne, and the craze is already buzzing and we are already seeing people bonding around a love for Wayne and cardio drumming!”
Cardio drumming is great for building strength and endurance. Beating the ball with drumsticks is also a great stress reliever, says Erin.
All ages, all skill and fitness levels and all shapes and sizes are welcomed and encouraged to attend the weekly Monday night group. If you have limited mobility, bring a chair. The group meets at Goudy Park at 7:00 p.m.
Please arrive early as you will need to sign a waiver. You will also need a ball and bucket. You can buy drumsticks at the meeting for $2. For more information, check out the Facebook page for Wayne-Westland Cardio Drumming.

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