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Churches needed for food program

The Wayne-Westland Fish Organization is looking to add new churches to participate in their food pantry program. Wayne-Westland Fish provides food on a one-time emergency basis to individuals and families in the Wayne-Westland area. The program’s goal is to provide food to those in need with respect, dignity and compassion. This is a local program that has served residents of Wayne and Westland since 1974. There are three local churches that support this Wayne-Westland Fish Organization: First United Methodist Church of Wayne, St. Michael Lutheran Church of Wayne, and First Congregation Church of Wayne. The number of requests for help in Wayne and Westland continues to grow, and in order to keep this food bank going the present member churches are seeking a fourth partner to help serve the community.

How does “Fish” work? Wayne-Westland Fish Organization receives referrals from local social service organizations. Wayne and Westland residents seeking food assistance call the number for Wayne-Westland Fish Organization and leave a message. Someone from the church handling that month’s requests returns the call, fulfills the request from their food pantry and arranges a time for the resident to pick up the food donation. No deliveries on the part of the church are required; those requesting food help show up at the participating church at an arranged time during business hours. Interested churches may contact Bill May at the First Congregational Church of Wayne at 734-729-7550 or Lois Mathe at the First United Methodist Church of Wayne at 734-721-4801.

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