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Doctor celebrates 25 years in Wayne

Posted On 20 Jul 2019
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Dr. Kevin Crawford is inviting the community to celebrate his 25th annniversary in Wayne with an Open House on July 24.

By Carolyn Marnon – Celebrating 25 years of practice in Wayne this month, Dr. Kevin Crawford specializes in Orthopedic Surgery. According to Dr. Crawford, “The City of Wayne has been and remains a diverse and hard-working community with a strong civic identity.” Dr. Crawford embraces those values of a hard work ethic and commitment to his community.
He has stuck to his roots in southeast Michigan and embraced Wayne and the surrounding communities. When asked about his experience in Wayne, Dr. Crawford stated “I have been extremely happy with my decision to practice in this area. My gratification from the countless patients that I’ve treated has certainly exceeded my expectations. The appreciation that myself and my staff are shown by these patients is incredible.”
As the only board-certified orthopedic surgeon in Wayne in the past 25 years, he estimates he has had over 100,000 patient visits during that time and has performed over 15,000 surgeries.
Dr. Crawford’s primary hospital affiliation is with what is now known as Beaumont Hospital-Wayne where he has been a primary factor in helping it to evolve into a well-respected community hospital. For 25 years he has maintained his office adjacent to the hospital. He trained at Michigan State University.
According to a statement from Dr. Crawford, he “participates in general orthopedics, although he does have specialty qualifications in knee and hip reconstructive and regenerative techniques. In fact, he was the first practitioner to perform stem cell treatment in Michigan and has a thriving portion (of) his practice that is devoted to the treatment of degenerative hips and knees with stem cell therapy.
Dr. Crawford stated that he has plans to continue his commitment to the Wayne area by moving his office location to downtown Wayne in the future. No details are available at this time on the move.
Come celebrate the 25th anniversary of the business with Dr. Crawford and his staff during an Open House being held on Wednesday, July 24, from 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. “I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet with many of my patients and other members of the community during that open house,” says Dr. Crawford. “It will be nice to spend time with former patients and members of the community in a setting that doesn’t involve broken bones or knee and shoulder problems,” he chuckles.
Dr. Crawford’s office is located next to Beaumont Hospital-Wayne at 33000 Annapolis, #120. There will be light refreshments served. There will be some giveaways, including a stem cell giveaway valued at $6000. Office worker Renea Callery writes that “Stem cells regenerate lost tissues, including cartilage, to help heal the damage of arthritis in a joint such as the shoulders, knees or hips.This allows for a safe, effective and nearly painless treatment that allows a patient to avoid a total join replacement.”

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