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Door decorations celebrate seniors

The Class of 2020 in the Wayne Westland Community School District (WWCSD) Honors our Seniors. Class of 2020: Savannah Gridley of Wayne Memorial High School.

By Carolyn Marnon – The Class of 2020 in the Wayne Westland Community School District (WWCSD) has had to be creative about how to celebrate the end of their senior year.  It is unknown whether these graduates will have the annual graduation ceremony like past graduates have had. There may not be a senior prom.  Who knew that when 84-year old Korean War veteran Avery Hall received his Wayne-Westland high school diploma on February 28 as the first “graduate” of the Class of 2020, that he might be the only one to be presented with a diploma in front of an audience of board members and well-wishers?
Wayne-Westland families have been encouraged to decorate their front doors to honor their graduating seniors.
The front window at Wayne Memorial High School (WMHS) senior Tabitha Locklear’s home is covered in tassel garland and signs congratulating her. There are also congratulatory signs on the front lawn.
The front door at Tyler Xuereb’s (WMHS) house has a congratulatory sign along with a baseball hat and Zebra baseball t-shirt attached.
Kayla Lindsell’s door displays her WMHS choir t-shirt.
Mikayla Saylor’s door displays an honor roll sticker, an Eastern Michigan University sticker and a senior class t-shirt.
According to WWCSD Communications Director Jenny Johnson, the school district is distributing Class of 2020 lawn signs for seniors to put in their yards. Wayne Memorial High School is running Decision Day information on the school’s marquee with the names of senior and their plans for after graduation.  You can follow along with updates on the Facebook pages of Wayne Westland Community Schools and Wayne Memorial High School.

Seniors who have already made decisions noted on the WMHS Facebook page include:
Amber Henzel-Henry Ford College
Alivia Secord-Eastern Michigan University
Abigail Gordon-Finlandia University
Hazelle Williams-Ferris State University
Deshawn Will-Michigan State University
Delaney Green-Western Michigan University
Andrea Santiago-Lagunas-Gannon
Riccardo Covin-Gillette Community College
Sebastian Davis-MIAT College
of Technology
Savannah Gridley-Concordia University
Kira Brinkmeier-College of the Atlantic
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