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Hype Athletics receives $25,000

Commissioner Al Haidous presents a $25,000 check for Hype to General Manager Rabih Darwiche and Mayor John Rhaesa and some of the kids an coaches the facility serves. Photo by Ali Sayed

HYPE Athletics Center of Wayne received a generous grant of $25,000 from Wayne County Commissioner Al Haidous. This substantial grant has been utilized to enhance the sporting and educational experiences of the numerous youth participants who frequent our center’s camps, leagues, and tournaments.
Thanks to Commissioner Al Haidous’ unwavering support, we were able to acquire a variety of essential equipment, including 1000 backpacks, an assortment of athletic gear such as basketballs, soccer balls and training equipment, volleyball systems and training equipment, and cutting-edge speed and agility training tools. These resources are set to significantly elevate the quality of play and training experiences for our young athletes.
Ali Sayed, CEO and Founder of HYPE Athletics Center, expressed his gratitude for this remarkable contribution, stating, “We are immensely thankful to Wayne County Commissioner Al Haidous for this generous grant. The acquisition of these much-needed resources will enable us to further our mission of empowering youth through sports and education. With these new additions, we are excited to provide an even more enriching and enjoyable experience for the young individuals who participate in our programs.”
The HYPE Athletics Center of Wayne has been a pillar of the community, fostering physical fitness, teamwork, and leadership skills among local youth for many years. With the support of Commissioner Al Haidous, we are now better equipped than ever to continue our mission and positively impact the lives of countless young athletes in Wayne County.
For more information about HYPE Athletics Center of Wayne and its programs, please visit www.hypeathletics.org

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