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On the mend

Dee Ryan – Many of you know that my husband took a terrible fall in our bathroom. This happened just before New Year’s and he was pretty banged up.
The great guys from Wayne’s EMS unit got him to Oakwood Hospital.  It was determined that he had type “B” flu—and was in isolation for 4 days.  From Oakwood, he went to Maple Manor for rehab.  He needed to get strength back in his legs.  Maple Manor is what I want to tell you about.  If you ever need a rehabilitation facility Maple Manor is the place I recommend.
The nurses, Claudine, Ginger, Marissa C., Kwanya (Nurse Kay) Carmen, and Margarita, plus Nurse’s Aide, Angus, were all so kind and caring.
Maple Manor is kept so very clean, thanks to Michael Phillips and Anthony Rhodes and everyone in the housekeeping unit.
Then there is the food.  Wonderful food!  Not only good, tasty and plentiful, but also presented in an attractive manner.
Kerran’s main therapist was Dina, but he was also helped by Melissa, Ceasar, and Jim. Andrea is the social worker who met with us, and Kathy is the very gracious office manager.
Maple Manor offers both Baptist and Catholic church services.  Activities include arts and crafts, movies, a beauty hour, Bingo, and ice cream socials.  There is more entertainment by D. J. Dash and Kelly Miller, and Karaoke with Carol.
My husband is much stronger and God willing, will be home by the time you read this.
My daughters, Maggie and Julie, join me in thanking everyone at Maple Manor who helped Kerran get ‘back on his feet’.

Members of the Ladies’ Literary Club attended “Rumors”, a play by Neil Simon on Friday, January 16.  A review of the play in the New York Post calls “Rumors” “Light, frothy and fun.”
It takes place in a New York townhouse.  The Deputy Mayor of New York has shot himself and suffered a flesh wound. His wife is nowhere to be found.  Four couples are to arrive, expecting a gala party, however, the host lies bleeding.  It’s up to his lawyer to “get the story” straight, before the invited guests arrive.
The play is filled with confusion and miscommunication and spins off into classic comedy.
The Literary Ladies who attended the play are: Mary Lynn Baker, Sue Damitio, Karen Healy, Cindy Kelly, Carolyn Marnon, Elaine Pittman, Laura and Gloria Rowland, Beverly Woodard, Carol Cockrum, Judy Howton, Penny Lively, Karen Norton, and Carol Weyand.  Before the play the group had dinner at the “Red Olive Restaurant” in Dearborn.  It is very close to The Dearborn Players Guild Theater where the play was presented.

Could you use $2,000 in your tax return this year?  Could you use a little help making sense of all those tax forms?  Sign up for Wayne Metropolitan’s FREE tax service at the Wayne Library.
This year they will be offering free tax service to households with annual income below $50,000.
These sessions will be held for all who qualify on Tuesday, March 24, and Tuesday, March 31, at the Wayne Library.  Call (734) 284-6999 or (313) 388-9799 for an appointment. Walk-ins are accepted but those with an appointment are served first.  Due to budget cuts, the IRS is reporting that fewer representatives will be available for phone assistance this year. So sign up today.

This valuable and timely information comes from Steven McGladdery, the Co-Director of the Wayne Library.
Sadly we note the passing of Edna Kingsbury.  She was my ‘over the back fence neighbor’.  We shared more than a back fence—we also shared the same birthday.  Rest in peace Mrs. Kingsbury—you’ll be missed.

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