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Recalled former Councilman Sanders finally pleads guilty

Former recalled City of Wayne Councilman Christopher James Sanders.

By Sarah Shurge – If you’ve been reading the Wayne Dispatch for years, you might recall reading about former recalled Wayne city councilman Christopher Sanders back in November 2017 through October 2020.
For those that don’t remember, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy charged Sanders and another man, Jimmie Chandler, both with planting a starter pistol and fake drugs in a city employee’s car.
Allegedly on October 16, 2017, Sanders paid Chandler to break into the vehicle belonging to a female employee of the City of Wayne and plant a starter pistol and fake drugs in her car. When the woman left the parking lot, Chandler called 911 to report a false road rage incident and identified her vehicle.
The police never stopped her car, but when she discovered the pistol and suspected drugs in her glovebox, she called the Wayne Police Department to report it.
Investigation by the Michigan State Police led to the arrest of both Sanders and Chandler.
Fox 2 News reported that according to attorney Scott Ruark, Sanders was still a councilman at the time.
The City of Wayne held a special election for the recall of Sanders on Tuesday, May 8, 2018. Sanders was recalled.
Fox 2 News also reported on how records show Sanders had quite a criminal past in 2006. He was accused of selling fake IDs and selling alcohol to minors. In 2013, a case was dismissed where he was accused of larceny, two counts of embezzlement – including embezzling from a charity or non-profit, forgery, uttering and publishing and identity theft.
Both Sanders and Chandler were charged with false report of a felony, conspiracy to commit false report of a felony, and attempted false report of a felony. Sanders received a $10,000 personal bond.
Hometown Life reported that Judge Donald Knapp rejected Sanders’ request for a case dismissal before discussions about a plea.
Sanders rejected all deals and refused to accept responsibility for his actions, until he returned to court Monday, October 30, 2023, regarding his plea deal, and we have the transcript for you.
The following transcript is between: Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Matthew Penney; Attorney Jeff McCarty, on behalf of Sanders; and Defendant Sanders.
MR. PENNEY: Mr. Sanders, I’m going to ask you a few questions. If something is not clear or you don’t understand, just let me know, okay?
MR. PENNEY: October the 16, 2017, did an individual named Jimmie Chandler place a starter pistol and fake narcotics in a vehicle belonging to Lisa Nocerini, N-o-c-e-r-i-n-i.
MR. PENNEY: And was that at your direction?
MR. PENNEY: And was the intent to have the police discover those and start a felony investigation?
MR. PENNEY: I’m satisfied.
MR. MCCARTY: Defense is satisfied.
If you want to read the full transcript, you can download the transcript PDF Here.
Sanders’ sentencing date is set for Wednesday, November 29th.

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