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Rex’s comes down to make room for McDonald’s downtown

IMG_3716 IMG_3673 IMG_3646 IMG_3639 IMG_3637 IMG_3689The new McDonald’s, which will be located at the corner of Wayne Road and Michigan Avenue, is making progress. Demolition of the former Rex’s Restaurant has now started. Construction should begin in February and McDonald’s should be open by May 2014.

What are your thoughts…


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  1. Rachael Harrison

    Do we really need another McDonalds on Wayne Road? This will make 3 between I94 and Palmer Rd.

  2. Holly

    McDonald’s is the very worst fast food restaurant. Anything but McDonald’s would be better. But what can ya do?

  3. Matt

    People eat McDonald’s, it’s the number one restaurant in the world. Weather you like their food or not, it will bring more tax dollars than Rex’s and the umpteen other places that have failed in that high traffic area.

    I’m not saying McD’s is good or bad, all I am saying is that it will be successful because people eat there A LOT. Also, the new restaurants they build are pretty nice.

    I think it’d be nice to get some quality sit down places in the area, how about the out lots in front of Kroger, plenty of space there for some development of Olive Garden/Chili’s/Take your pick of places. Not many good places to eat out in Wayne other than fast food.

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