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Thanking Bridget Kelly for over 50 years of serving Wayne

Bridget Kelly receives the key to the City of Wayne by Mayor John Rhaesa. Photo by John MacDonald

By Sarah Shurge – “I’ve lived here for almost 52 years. It’s been like home,” said Bridget Kelly.
Kelly and her husband, Tom Kelly, moved to Wayne in 1972 from New York with their four sons: Tommy, Patrick, Michel, and Kevin. “We wanted to be in a smaller community than the city,” said Kelly. “We had friends here and there was a job opening. Tom did the interview and got the job, so we moved.”
Tom taught at John Glenn High School, Cherry Hill High School, and Wayne Memorial High. He had a passion for the community and was on the city council for years. Tom went on to become a State Representative for six years (the longest term you could serve) and then returned to the city council afterwards.
Kelly worked with the Sparkey Preschool program for a year, and then worked at Roosevelt Mc-Grath Elementary for 10 years. Eventually, Tom opened a travel agency, Wayne Metro Travel, where Kelly worked until she retired in the 90s.
Just like her husband, Kelly also had a passion for the community. For over 50 years, she served as a member of the Wayne Garden Club, the Wayne Rotary, and the Friends of the Wayne Library.
“My favorite part was the people I worked with,” said Kelly. “They were so enthusiastic about the city and always doing something for the city. Everyone loved the city.”
Even though Kelly loves the City of Wayne, the first weekend of August, she will be leaving Wayne and moving out of Michigan.
“My children have been urging me to move closer to them, so I’ll be moving closer to my son, Patrick,” said Kelly.
To say thank you and honor all of the service Kelly and her husband have provided to the City of Wayne, a celebration was held on Tuesday, June 25th, at US12 Bar and Grill.
Long-time residents and friends were present as Wayne Mayor John Rhaesa presented Kelly with a key to the city. “Bridget has been a great asset to the community. She loved being behind the scenes but she made a great impact on the community,” said Mayor Rhaesa.
Kelly had no idea she was going to be presented with a key. “It was a big surprise. I didn’t even know we had one,” said Kelly. “It was very,very nice and made me feel good.” Even though Kelly is leaving Wayne, she hopes this won’t officially be goodbye. “I’m going to miss everybody here, and I hope to come back,” said Kelly. “With all the people I’ve worked with and known, I’m grateful for their friendship and their care.”
We thank Kelly for all the work she’s done for the city and wish her the best with her move!

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