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Tiffany Walker, owner of Moonlit Mystic, has created an intriguing oasis in downtown Wayne

Tiffany Walker and her cousin Vanessa Ronthi.

By Courtney Conover – It’s not a store.
It’s more like a destination, a wellspring, an experience in energetic healing. Or, as one might say, a literal gem.
Moonlit Mystic, an edgy and eclectic metaphysical store, is unlike anything that exists here in the City of Wayne—and owner Tiffany Walker designed it that way.
“We really want to create a community that welcomes all,” says Walker, 38. “We want people to come to us to be comforted, we want them to come to us with their curiosities and questions, I want them to come to us with their vulnerabilities—and that’s what they do.”
Inside what Walker has characterized as a “world of wonder,” patrons will find an endless array of items that many believe—no, are convinced—will improve their quality of life. Most notable among these items are crystals.
‘Crystals’ describes a group of minerals or fossilized resins that are believed by many to have beneficial health properties. The mere act of simply holding them in your hand or keeping them on your person is thought to promote spiritual, mental, and physical healing. Additionally, crystals are also thought to interact with the body’s energy field, also known as chakras.
But that’s not all one will find behind Moonlit Mystic’s doors: Patrons will find jewelry, books, crystal carvings, and much, much more.
“We’re the closest metaphysical store to Detroit Metro Airport, and people have literally gotten off the plane, googled crystal shop, and will come straight to us,” says Walker. “We’ve created a different sort of atmosphere and vibe, a safe space for people. We like to have fun and connect with our customers.”
The Wayne Dispatch caught up with Walker to discuss how she hopes her business will serve others.

Courtney Conover: Thank you for your time today. Have you always had a fascination with crystals, mysticism, and the like? What do you think sparked your interest?
Tiffany Walker: I have always had an interest in paranormal, tarot, and all these interesting things we can’t explain. I love questioning the big questions of the universe. I’ve always been drawn to explore all different theories—and paths.

CC: Tell me about your background. What did you do professionally prior to this?
TW: I’ve done a lot of things in my life…my first job was a waitress, but more recently I was a proud PTO mom for many years, and I absolutely loved working with the kids in our community—it gave my life so much meaning, and I was grateful for the opportunity to do that. Then, I worked for a nonprofit for criminal justice reform—and still do, actually—and I work to help advance legislation in support of families that are impacted by incarceration.

CC: And you’re a Wayne resident, too! How long have you lived here and where did you attend school?
TW: I moved here as a teenager—when I was 16—and have been here ever since. I went to Wayne Memorial and have been raising my children here, and my family had been a part of this community for a long time when I came to live with them. So, I love this community, and this is where I choose to raise my family. I love it here.

CC: Before we delve into Moonlit Mystics, talk about your involvement in the city’s first ever Makers Market in downtown Wayne [on Michigan Ave, across from Chase bank]. The benefit of this unprecedented venture is two-fold: It gives patrons a unique shopping experience, while also giving artisans the platform to showcase their creations and connect with future customers. Did that endeavor eventually lead you to where you are today business-wise?
TW: In November 2021 we got the opportunity to join the Makers Market, which was created by the Wayne Downtown Development Authority as a business incubator for small businesses within our community to test the market. My cousin Vanessa [Ronthi] is involved in the business with me, and we were asked to be the market managers—and we were referred to by Kim from Helium Studios, whom I’ve always been inspired by. And through the Wayne Makers Market, we were able to obtain a presence in our community, interact with people, and see their excitement about our product and what we could offer. It was really an inspiration to take a leap of faith and open a brick and mortar in Wayne. I’ve said that if I was going to open a store and take this big, huge risk, I wasn’t going to do it anywhere but in my city. So, an opportunity came for a location, and I took a chance on it.

CC: When did you officially open Moonlit Mystic?
TW: Friday, May 13, 2022…a good omen.

CC: There are people who haven’t had any experiences with crystals–and may not even be aware of their properties and benefits. Explain why the practice of collecting crystals–or how just simply learning about them–can be therapeutic and healing.
TW: So many people believe so many different things, and what I believe may be completely different than why somebody else uses crystals. There is not one right reason why someone might use crystals for healing. A very simple, nonscientific way of conveying this is that crystals can be a representation of an intention. And the more focused your intention, the more likely you are to manifest the life that you want. Crystals are a beautiful gift from this earth, and they do carry an energy, and some people use them as a tool to manifest.

CC: I have long believed that certain forms of healing are indeed inexplicable by modern science. However, in the interest of transparent journalism, I must acknowledge that not everyone agrees: Peter Heaney, a mineral sciences professor at Pennsylvania State University, told The Washington Post in 2021 that he’s “not aware of any [National Science Foundation]-supported studies into the healing powers of crystals.” How would you respectfully beg to differ?

Moonlit Mystic

TW: This is really the very essence of the Moonlit Mystic. Mysticism is contemplating and exploring concepts of things that cannot be seen or explained. The notion that something can be real—even though you cannot see it, such as God. A Christian is a mystic, in a way. They’re exploring a concept that there is no real, necessary, concrete proof or evidence, but you believe because of what you feel inside, because of what makes sense to you because there’s something that tells you that this is the right path. And this speaks to what I meant when I said that I want to create a community that welcomes all: I want people from all paths to be able to come into our space and contemplate any of these great, big things—no matter what you believe. There is no right or wrong answer. We’re sharing a space together that is sacred and allows for exploration.

CC: Tell me about the Moonlit Mystic Live Show.
TW: My cousin Vanessa and I do a weekly live show on Facebook on Sundays at 6:30 p.m. EST, and that’s where we can expand to an even greater community outside of our own. We show our new inventory, we do sales and giveaways, and it’s a time when we can connect to our community in a fun way. We love it. And we’ll be expanding to TikTok in the near future.

CC: How does your “Shop online, and pick up in store” feature work?
TW: It allows patrons to save on shipping fees and avoid shipping time. We’ll keep a purchased order for several days so that customers can retrieve it at a convenient time—and we’ll send a reminder one day before we cancel the order and restock merchandise.

CC: Moonlit Mystic also hosts tarot readers. Among them is Rainbow Liz, who has quite the following…
TW: Yes, we do tarot readings about twice a month, and the rates vary depending on the reader. The cost is generally $25 and up. I encourage people to check out our upcoming events on our website, moonlitmystic.com.

CC: You’ve got a cool, free event coming up on Saturday, October 22, 2022, from 12 p.m. until 6 p.m. called Witches Be Witchin’. Tell me more about it…
TW: It’s a witchy-themed Halloween event, and we’re going to host artists and vendors in the back parking space behind our location. We’re really excited, and we want to welcome the community to come, we’re encouraging costumes, and it’s going to be so much fun!

CC: Tell me about your family. Do they play a part in your business?
TW: My family is the most important part of my business. As I said, I work with my cousin Vanessa, my partner, Ryan, is amazing—he helps with everything and is my biggest supporter. My kids—my son and my daughter—are also up at the store working with us. They are the reason why I boldly pursue my dreams. And they’re the ones who give me the strength to do it, too.

CC: Where do you see your-self/Moonlit Mystics in five or 10 years?
TW: I see the dream continue to evolve; I see the community continue to evolve. I just hope that we continue to grow, to do more events, and to connect with more people—to help heal more people. I feel like now—more than ever—people need spirituality and healing more than ever. I think no matter what path you choose, the common denominator is always love. That’s what we should always aspire to. And that’s what we hope to give.
Moonlit Mystic is located at 3019 S. Wayne Road and can be reached by phone at (734) 725-3055. Visit them online at moonlitmystic.com and on Facebook (search Moonlit Mystic LLC) where they host a live show every Sunday at 6:30 p.m.

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