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Upcoming events and programs in WWCS

STEM Center Mice and Go.

Exciting things are happening in Wayne-Westland Community Schools (WWCS).
A WWCS collage concert will be held on Wednesday, April 20th at 6:30pm at Stockmeyer Auditorium (3001 Fourth St.)
There will be band, choir, and orchestra performances by: John Glenn High School, Wayne Memorial High School, Adams Middle School, Franklin Middle School, and Stevenson Middle School.
The concert is free to the public, so everyone is welcome.
WWCS is proud to have a state-of-the-art STEM Center, which offers immersive activities for elementary and middle school students.
“The STEM Center is a testament to the district’s commitment to advancing science, technology, engineering, and math education for our students,” said WWCS Superintendent John Dignan.
The STEM Center, located at John Glenn High School, presents lessons in a hands-on manner and encourages students’ curiosity, exploration, and innovation.
“This innovative facility will empower students to explore their creativity and critical thinking skills,” said Superintendent Dignan.
In addition to the labs available at the STEM Center and the availability of sending STEM kits to classroom teachers, John Glenn is one of the few high schools in Michigan that has a planetarium. The planetarium offers additional opportunities for students as they can explore the wonders of the universe.
“At the end of the K-12 experience, every child deserves access to a meaningful career. STEM education supports students through the awareness and exploration of potential futures by providing them with opportunities to self-assess their aptitudes and interests,” said JaCinda Sumara, Executive Director of Technology and Innovation.
The STEM Center continues to thrive as there are elementary students visiting every morning and most afternoons the STEM teachers are out in the schools presenting lessons.

STEM Center programming

In a move towards personalized education, Wayne-Westland Innovation Academy in Wayne has an innovative approach to high school learning.
Through a blend of traditional and non-traditional learning components, Wayne-Westland Innovation Academy empowers students to succeed academically and beyond. The academy offers virtual, in-person, and hybrid learning options to cater to diverse student needs.
The in-person learning experience offers a traditional classroom experience. This allows students to engage with teachers and peers directly. This learning format is highlighted by project-based learning and smaller classroom sizes.
The virtual learning program allows students to take their courses asynchronously (meaning the instructor and the students in the course all engage with the course content at different times and from different locations) so they can study when it best fits their schedule and at their own pace.
“We are excited to provide students with a transformative educational experience that meets their individual needs and preferences,” said WWCS Assistant Superintendent of Administration Scott Tocco.
Students that may have fallen behind in credits, can choose credit recovery opportunities that allow them to earn their high school diploma.
“Our commitment to innovation and flexibility ensures that every student can reach their full potential, regardless of their circumstances,” said Assistant Superintendent of Administration Tocco.
This program enables students to obtain their high school diploma even if they have encountered challenges along the way. The Wayne-Westland Innovation Academy is located at 5400 Fourth Street.

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