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Lyla Lynn Cassel

Posted On 14 Apr 2024
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Lyla Lynn Cassel

Lyla Lynn Cassel, a bright spark in the lives of all who knew her, passed away on March 16, 2024, in Wayne, Michigan. Born on June 27, 2015, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Lyla’s infectious enthusiasm and joyous spirit were evident from the very beginning.
Lyla’s family was the cornerstone of her short but impactful life. She is survived by her mother, Chelsea Duperon, her father, Josh Cassel, her brother, Nathaniel Cassel, her grandparents, Terry and Jerry Cassel, Kendra and Tom Duperon, and her aunts, Brittany Duperon and Jessica Cassel, along with many playful cousins who will miss her dearly.
A student in the 3rd grade, Lyla approached her education with the same zest and curiosity that she did every other aspect of her life. Her teachers and classmates will remember her as a bright light in the classroom, always eager to learn and quick to lend a hand.
Lyla’s passions extended beyond the classroom to the gymnasium, the stage, and the community. An aspiring gymnast, she tumbled her way into the hearts of her coaches and teammates with her determination and grace. Her love for singing and dancing was evident to anyone who saw her perform, radiating a joy that could light up any room.

Above all, Lyla was a peacekeeper, a friend to all, and a helper at heart. Her innate ability to sense when others needed support and her willingness to offer it was a gift that made her a cherished member of her community.

Though her time with us was far too short, Lyla Lynn Cassel’s legacy will live on through the countless lives she touched with her kindness and the memories cherished by her family and friends. Her spirit, a beacon of love and compassion, will continue to inspire those who knew her to live with the same boundless energy and generous heart. Lyla’s life, though brief, was a testament to the profound impact one young soul can have on the world.

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