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Wash winter away at Johnson’s Car Wash

Johnson’s Car Wash operations manager Saif Aljanabi, owner Terry Johnson, and manager Tony Johnson.

By Sarah Shurge – As the weather switches from 72 degrees one day, to 27 degrees the next, we have to wonder if that pesky groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil was right – is an early spring on the way?
If the last of winter and snow is saying goodbye, then one thing will remain: dirty cars. Make sure your car is ready for spring and visit Johnson’s Car Wash to wash winter away.
Johnson’s Car Wash has been family-run in Wayne since 1976.
“It’s a top-level car wash that you can’t really find anywhere else,” said Tony Johnson, Johnson’s Car Wash manager. “Whether just the exterior, or the exterior and interior, we offer a higher quality than you’d find anywhere else.”
You can choose your exterior wash from four custom-tailored wash packages. Exterior services are available as single washes or as part of an Unlimited Wash Club. For the price of two washes, you can wash your car every day of the month.
“We want to give people the best opportunity to never have a dirty car and do it in the best way possible,” said Johnson. “You’re really saving a ton of money, especially if you get the interior of your car done twice a month as a member and the exterior everyday.”
There is a Members Only lane for exterior wash, so members don’t have to wait in line and can go straight into the wash. Members also have half-off on interior cleanings, so after their exterior wash, they can go to the kiosk with their tag and pick which interior service they want.
“It’s a really cool feature and I know a lot of people have enjoyed it so far,” said Johnson.
“They pull up and are a part of something exclusive, it’s really cool to see and people are happy.”
Johnson grew up at Johnson’s Car Wash, since his father, Terry Johnson is the owner.
“It’s a good experience with me and my dad getting to work together,” said Johnson. “For me, it’s been really cool to hangout and I appreciate him a lot more than I did when I was younger.”

Johnson’s Car Wash has been family-run in Wayne since 1976.

When Johnson was ten years old, he cleaned towels to help while also staying out of the way. He then went on to using the power washer as a teenager, and officially started working at Johnson’s in high school and college.
After graduating college, Johnson explored other employment options for about five years, and returned to Johnson’s Car Wash three years ago. “I knew it’s what I always wanted to do,” said Johnson. “My favorite part is all the people. The customers that have been with us for a long time and love us, they make coming to work worth it.”
But it’s more than just the customers that make it worth it to Johnson.
“The younger kids that come in and it’s their first job. We teach them skills for when they move on,” said Johnson. “It’s being a part of a business that really helps people that are customers but also helps the people that work there.”
I took my car to Johnson’s Car Wash on Friday, February 23rd, although I have been taking my car to Johnson’s for years now.
I am the chauffeur to three large short-haired dogs, and if you know anything about short-haired dogs, then you know they shed like no other. I have a dog hammock in my backseat, but it doesn’t contain the hairs, so my backseat is always covered in dog hair (white, brown, and black hairs).

Operations manager Saif Aljanabi and owner Terry Johnson cleaing car mats.

I’ve tried to vacuum the dog hairs myself, but I can’t get my car as clean as the workers at Johnson’s can, so I took my car in on Friday. I got the basic exterior wash, the express interior, plus cargo (my trunk).
For the amount of dog hair on my seats and trunk, and salt stains on my car mats, the Johnson’s employees did not take too long to get the inside of my car looking fresh and clean.
After inspecting my car and the lack of dog hairs and salt-stained floor mats, I was impressed (as always) with the service they provided. (Be sure to tip the employees for the hard work they do on your cars!)
Johnson’s offers free Diamond-Ultra Wonder Wafers air fresheners with an interior service, so I couldn’t say no to free air fresheners. I picked the scents ‘Clean Car’ and ‘Black Royale’ for myself. If you grab any of these for yourself, the instructions say to remove the air freshener from the outer bag and place the freshener under the front seat of your vehicle.
I’m normally a “Black Ice” kind of girl, but it was nice to try something new.
“It’s a welcoming place,” said Johnson. “It’s a part of the town and we appreciate everyone. Wayne has been good to the Johnson family and we like to return the favor and be good to the people of Wayne.”
Johnson wanted to give a special shout out to Saif Aljanabi, who will be celebrating ten years working at Johnson’s Car Wash on Monday, April 8th.
“He’s been a part of all the good improvements we’ve done through the years, and we cannot thank him enough,” said Johnson.
Johnson’s Car Wash is located at 33520 Michigan Ave and is open 8a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday – Saturday, 9a.m. – 5 p.m. on Sunday. Interior services are available every day until 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 4 p.m. on Sunday.
For more information about Johnson’s Car Wash, visit johnsonscarwash.co/ or call (734)326-3110. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok by searching “Johnson’s Car Wash”.
Be sure your car is ready for spring and visit Johnson’s Car Wash.

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