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Wayne and Westland share fire chief with Inkster

By Jenny Johnson –
In a potential next move toward a fire authority Wayne-Westland Fire Chief Michael Reddy will also become chief of the Inkster Fire Department for the next six months.
In a joint press conference at the Inkster Fire Department Inkster Mayor Hilliard Hampton said, “It is truly beneficial when cities are able to collaborate. We are all forced to do more with less and this effort allows us to maintain the quality of services our residents expect and deserve.”
Reddy’s role in Inkster will be to review manpower and equipment to see if they will be ready to join a fire authority with Wayne, Westland and potentially Garden City.
The four cities have already collaborated on the Central Wayne County Sanitation Authority and the joint emergency dispatch center located in Westland.
“This extension of our shared services enables all cities to operate more efficiently,” said Westland Mayor Bill Wild. “The working partnership between Westland-Wayne has proven successful and we have strategically positioned the department in such a way we are able to include Inkster.”
The shared services will save Westland $180,000, Wayne $130,000 and Inkster $55,000 annually.
Reddy said, “I think Inkster will be a good fit. We will provide better service at less cost. I expect in six months to bring back a recommendation to include Inkster as part of the Western Wayne Fire Authority.”

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