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What are your wishes for Wayne for 2014?

City Clerk Matt Miller

City Clerk Matt Miller

By Dee Ryan – Matt Miller writes about his goals for the planning department: Have the Downtown Design Standard Ordinance adopted.  This is the outcome of the Downtown Master Plan where we will begin to require a better design on any improvements or new construction in the downtown. Continue to work on the Zoning Ordinance by making amendments that will improve the process for any new business locating in the city. He continues —“I hope to attend the Michigan Association of Planning conference in October.  It is a great conference where I learn so much and can network with other professionals.  This is also a requirement to keep my certification.”

Wearing his other hat, as City Clerk, Matt continues.  “My main goal is to stay on top of all the work necessary to conduct two elections in 2014.  Also I want to keep training the election inspectors on the Electronic Poll Books. My other goal is to try and increase the hours my staff has been budgeted.  Currently it is myself at full time and two part time employees.” “For the City my hopes are:  I hope the residents and City Council can come together for a millage increase that can cover the necessary costs to keep the City services we have and even add some as leaf pick-up and better ordinance enforcement.  I know this isn’t popular, but with the dropping of values, the only way we can recover is as a community. We support the advancement of the City ourselves,” he said. “For the residents of Wayne to have pride in their property.  With clean and safe neighborhoods, we will be able to improve our property values.  If we could do these few things. I believe that economic development will follow.” Councilman Al Damitio’s goal is the same as stated in January 2013. Have the City of Wayne budget balanced.  Have the income be able to pay for our expenses, and have a 10% reserve for emergencies.

Library Director Paulette Medvecky’s personal goals—1. Kick Cancer.  2.  Stay happy and optimistic.  3.  Enjoy my new grandbaby.  Her goals for the Library are:  1. Stay open current hours.  2.  Keep my wonderful staff.  3.  Have a decent book budget.

Miriam Shurlow tells us about their very successful 67th Congregational Church Fair.  Joan Watson, this year’s General Chairperson, worked long and hard along with the eleven booth and kitchen chairpersons and members of the Congregation to make it very successful. “Thanks to all the community for the support they gave us,” she said.

The Women’s Fellowship of the Congregational Church underwrites the costs of the Fair, and they were amply rewarded. Most of the monies from the Fair are used to help support the church and its many needs.  Women’s Fellowship also holds two rummage sales a year and prepares and serves funeral dinners, bridal and baby showers, etc.  Each year they pack and deliver 100 Thanksgiving Food Baskets and 100 Christmas Food Baskets to 15 of the schools in Wayne-Westland.  The names of the families are obtained from the schools. In addition, they participate in the FISH emergency food program in the Wayne-Westland area along with three other churches.  They also provide some funds to support disaster relief such as tornadoes, floods and the recent tsunami in the Philippines, as well as other charities in the area.  The President of Women’s Fellowship is Barbara Galbraith and Mary Carney is the Secretary.

Thanks to Matt Miller, Al Damitio, Paulette Medveckey and Mirium Shurlow for all the information they gave me for this column.    To all our friends and neighbors in Wayne – “Happy New Year.” May our little town prosper in 2014.

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