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Challenged to participate in Young Inventors Contest

Franklin Middle Schools students check out the Dodge Viper.

Franklin Middle Schools students check out the Dodge Viper.

Whatever you think, Think Bigger. This is the challenge posed to students at Franklin and Stevenson Middle Schools. Wayne-Westland Community Schools has partnered with AlphaUSA to sponsor the Young Inventors Contest.
The goal of this contest is to inspire young people to develop a passion for building things. Middle School students who are in the Education Technology classes at Franklin and Stevenson were invited to the kick-off program, which featured keynote speaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Engineer David Bailey. He was the engineer for the Dodge Viper.
After the presentation, the Viper was shown to the students as an example of what can be created when you Think Bigger.
Students will think of something they want to create and present their concept to their teacher. Teachers will select five finalists from each school. The top finalists will be invited to the Young Inventors Showcase in January at Schoolcraft College. Students will explain their idea for their invention to an audience.

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