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City to contact Office of Fiscal Responsibility

issues-fiscal-responsibility-300x199NEWS UPDATE:  Tonight in a 5-2 vote City Council voted to have the administration contact the Office of Fiscal Responsibility with the State of Michigan. This is not the same as bringing in an emergency financial manager. The Office of Fiscal Responsibility will help the city come up with long-term solutions for their budget problems. City council will still make all decisions on any amendments to the budget.
The city has in excess of $3 million to cut from their budget.


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  1. Sherrie

    Thank you to the leaders of our city who are reaching out for help. We definitely need it, but please don’t wait to start making changes. Start now.

  2. Ron

    It is significant that the vote was 5 to 2. The 2 who voted against this common sense move are also 2 who bear a great deal of responsibility for us being in this dire situation. Some heads should roll in the city of Wayne, Administration and Council.
    Thanks to the 5 Council members who have finally stood up and started the long and painful march back to fiscal stability.

  3. ron

    I stand corrected, one of the two bear a great deal of responsibility.

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