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People. Pride. Progress.

By Buddy Shuh – About two years ago, I received a pin from the City of Wayne. It had our city motto on it: People, Pride, Progress. Prior to receiving that pin, I didn’t know we had a motto, and I also didn’t know the sense of community that was here all along.
“PEOPLE” speaks to the very members of our community! Neighbors. Friends. Businesses. Churches. Part of being in Wayne is recognizing these people and supporting them! Lend your neighbor a hand with that project! When you’re going to purchase something, think about shopping local first, because it will support the people in your community.
“PRIDE” speaks to caring about our city. I have been blown away by the unsolicited acts that I have seen recently to improve the looks of our city. For example, I saw a couple friends of mine, Daniel and Stephanie Monroe, decide one day to start cleaning up the graffiti around town!! That’s pride! And out of that came a day called “Untag Wayne,” where others did the same thing! Also, I LOVE all the flowers in the planters downtown that people have volunteered to adopt. It shows our pride!
“PROGRESS” has everything to do with health and direction. In order for our city to progress in a good direction, we have to remember our past but not live in it. I want to personally thank all those involved in the Wayne Ripple Effect. You are helping us to fulfill our motto when it comes to making progress. Our future is bright and you are spear-heading the way!
Wayne. A city full of community-minded people. A city whose people take pride in where they live. A city that has incredible history, but because it is progressing, we will soon find out that there’s more to the story!

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