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Readers share their special ornaments

Posted On 12 Jan 2021
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Christmas ornaments can have deep meaning for people. Several readers shared about their own special ornaments.

My favorite ornament hung on my family’s Christmas tree all through my childhood. When I got married and my mom asked what ornaments from her tree I would like, I immediately asked for the snowman sticking out of the cupcake. It was always my favorite to hang growing up. I can’t say how many times I would look at that ornament and wish I could eat it. I was certain it would be the most delicious thing to eat if it was edible. Now that it hangs on my tree, always at the top near our Angel, it is the one ornament I must hang myself. I tell my kids because it’s fragile, but really it’s because I can still feel that Christmas magic I knew as a child when I hang it. Even for just a moment, it’s a moment I always look forward to.
Nicole Conklin
Board Member, Main Street
President, Historical Society

I’ve been collecting ornaments for 46 years and so many of them hold memories. But this is the one ornament that means the most. My mom used to give me ornaments every year for Christmas. It was a tradition with her. This is an ornament she made for me while in a nursing home suffering from Alzheimer’s. It’s not fancy or collectible, but it’s the last Christmas ornament I received from her. I live in Wayne–back in the house I grew up in, in fact. My parents built the house in 1957 in the Sue Win sub–just a few houses from where the castle used to be. I graduated from WMHS in 1972.
Linda McLachlan
Wayne Resident

I don’t have a tree up this year so no ornaments are easily accessed. I do have one thing that my daughter made for me at holiday time. She was probably in second or third grade, and she hand dipped two candles attached by one wick. We cut them apart, and I got one and her Grandma got the other one. We both have them on display year-round. My daughter, Kristy, is 45 years old now.
Leslie Holland
Wayne Resident



I have my granny and gramps’ ornament from their first tree, so that makes it about 88 years old. I also have one of mommy and dad’s first tree ornaments that’s only 57 years old.
Jackie Jones
Wayne Resident

Although I have received many Christmas ornaments over the years, the one I cherish most is this one: my grandson Hero’s first Christmas ornament.
I know many people have “baby’s first Christmas ornaments” and display them with pride. The reason this one is so special to me is that Hero was born the day after Thanksgiving and passed away on New Years Eve at just 33 days old. Hero was our Christmas baby.
He will always be our Christmas angel.
Mary Baryo
Wayne Resident
President, Wayne Garden Club


When I a young girl growing up in the City of Wayne, my father Mike Gouin was the Assistant Parks & Recreation Director under Ted D’Pulos. At the time the Director of the Senior Program (Golden Hour Club) was a beautiful lady by the name of Mickey Meyer. Mickey gave each member of my family and many other families in the city handmade Christmas ornaments. They were each unique and had our names on them. To this day, my “Mickey Meyer” Christmas ornament is hung on my parents tree each year.
Lori Gouin
Community Development
Director, City of Wayne

I have ornaments my grandmother made from crafting beads. About 40+ years old. Star, candy cane, shapes. My grandma gave them to me for my first tree.
Mary McBain Blaxton

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