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State Wayne Theater celebrates 75th anniversary

By Courtney Conover – Let’s rewind and go back in time… Back when a brand-new men’s tie sold for next to nothing (just over a buck); meanwhile, the bikini made its debut in Paris, France… Back when both Dean Martin’s and B.B. King’s musical careers began, and...

Rocky Horror continues on in memory of Faith Duede

By Sarah Shurge – Squirt guns pointed to the sky. Water begins to fall on the crowd. It’s raining inside the theater. To some, this sounds like madness. To others, this sounds like just a typical Saturday night with the Rocky Horror Shadow Cast at the State Wayne Theatre....

Phoenix Theatres announces re-open plan

Phoenix Theatres’ humble beginnings took root in the late summer of 2000, and in the two decades since they have risen above more than their fair share of difficult challenges that are typical to a small business. However, none of these problems have been as serious as the...
Posted On 11 Jun 2020