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Van Stipdonk newest diamond of the community

By Dee Ryan – Our newest Diamond of the Community—Lois Van Stipdonk, is a woman of great charm, talent and doer of many good works.  Wayne is a better place because of Lois. She is an officer in our city’s Rotary Club, a former Director of the Wayne Library, and she and her husband John are members of the Detroit   “Mass Mob.”  It was inspired by Buffalo’s     “Mass Mob” Movement.
On a chosen Sunday, everyone attends Mass at a specific parish.  The Masses have drawn as many as 2000 people, filling these beautiful old churches and providing them with monetary support. To get a schedule of upcoming Masses and Churches, google “Mass Mob.”
Lois was honored with dinner at Wayne’s Community Center on 9/15. She received plaques from Wayne’s Commission on Aging and the Wayne County Commission. Thanking everyone, especially her husband John, whom she decided to marry after their 3rd date. This year marked their 50th Anniversary.  After the dinner, Lois was proclaimed this year’s Diamond of the Community by the Wayne City Council.
Lois says her service to the Community stems from John F. Kennedy’s speech—“Ask not what your Country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country.”
Another Garden Club Member also took a trip “across the pond” this summer.
Jo Ann Hanson the Club’s former President, vacationed in England and France.
She caught up with friends whom she knew as a flight attendant with TWA.
She flew ‘stand by’ from Chicago, so was able to fly first class both going and returning.  Her first stop was London where Sue, her friend of 50 years, picked her up.
First things first, don’t you agree—so they immediately went shopping.
Next morning, they left by ferry for St. Malo, France.  St. Malo is in the cultural Region of Brittany.  It’s famous for being a walled fishing village located on The English Channel.
Another village visited was Quimper, which JoAnn describes as being like our Maine seacoast with much, much seafood. It is also renowned as a center for the popular Quimper Pottery.
The house where they stayed is called a Longere.  Many of these homes started out as an enclosure for farm animals, then little by little the family built additions as they were needed.  These were usually built at each end of the original structure, which ended up as a long thin building.
Along with viewing Chateaux and Cathedrals, good friends came to visit from Ireland and the Cotswold’s.  And always, there was shopping and enjoying all that seafood.
Arriving when the Camillas were in bloom, Jo Ann left when it was lilac time.
And we are so glad to have her home.
The newest member of our Wayne Library is Rachel Ditmore.  She is a page and we were so pleased to meet her at last month’s Board Meeting.  A smiling, lovely young woman, who is the granddaughter of Patty Ditmore.  One cannot live in Wayne without either meeting Ms. Ditmore, or at least talking to her on the phone.  She has worked at the Wayne’s Public Works Department for 57 years.
Aren’t we lucky to have both Grandmum and Granddaughter working for our City?
Nancy Wojewski Noel, Director of Wayne’s Hype Senior Center, tells me how happy she is with this year’s Senior Olympics.  Along with 15 other Western Wayne County Communities, our city had a very fine showing.
Of the 37 residents, 21 medals were given out.  There were 14 gold medals, 4 silver, and 3 bronze.  This was the 11th annual Senior Olympics and it’s open to senior residents who are 50 or older.
Two of our Garden Club Friends, Phyllis Stein and Jean Radley are on the mend. As is Sharron (Mrs. Wild Bill) Copland.
Prayers are still needed for Donna McMurray.
The  Annual Biddle Street Block Party was held later than usual this year—on September 10 to be exact.  It started with the “George Wootton Open”, the yearly golf game that honors the memory of Mr. Wootton.  This was the 20th year of the “Open”.  There were games for the kids, great refreshments—and the exciting moment when our Wayne Westland Fire Department showed up in their huge red truck.
More Library news; another page, Maggie Wax has been hired. She will cover the other page shifts. Sadly, Kim Smith the friendly and helpful gal behind the circulation desk has left after 25 years at the Wayne Library. Goodbye Kim—we will miss you.
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