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Calling all Rosies

On October 14 at Eastern Michigan University’s Convocation Center you can be a part of retaking the Guinness World Record for Largest Gathering of Rosie the Riveters.

By Carolyn Marnon – I am proud to say that I was a Guinness World Record holder. I have the certificate to prove it. I want to be one again, so please help me and Wayne resident Robert Webb by encouraging everyone to roll up their sleeves and help the Yankee Air Museum reclaim the Guinness World Record for Largest Gathering of Rosie the Riveters.
On October 25, 2015, 2,096 people gathered at Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti to break the record as the largest gathering of people dressed as Rosie the Riveter. On August 13, 2016 a claimed 2,265 people, dressed as Rosie the Riveter, gathered at the National Rosie the Riveter Park in Richmond, California to set the current record. The Yankee Air Museum is engaged in a spirited rivalry to hang on to the title with the Rosie the Riveter WWII Homefront National Historical Park in California.
“This competition between California and Michigan strengthens women and strengthens the nation. Our first thought was to retake the record this past spring, but when we heard California was having another rally in August, we knew we had to break their record soon afterwards,” said State Rep. Debbie Dingell. “Our event will combine meaningful messages and activities for recognizing the power that we, as women, bring to the workplace and the economy.”
“With the help of women across Michigan and our region, we are bringing our record back where the original Rosie worked, at our Bomber Plant in Ypsilanti Township,” exclaimed Ypsilanti Supervisor Brenda Stumbo. “Eastern Michigan University’s Convocation Center is large enough to accommodate 8,000 people and the adjoining EMU field is called FACTORY field for a reason!”
“Women of the Greatest Generation did not wait to be counted, they did not wait to enter the defense industry and do the work America needed,” stressed Brenda McKinney, Treasurer of Superior Township. “We cannot wait either. In California they are on the move. I call on all women to join us in Michigan. Register now and be with us at Eastern Michigan University’s Convocation Center on October 14.”
Everyone is encouraged to bring friends to this FREE event to break the record and to celebrate the “We Can Do It!” attitude of Rosie the Riveter in women everywhere. It will take over 2,500 to beat the current record. All ages are welcome as long as they are dressed the part.
There will be music, fun, prizes, programming and activities.
Register online ahead of time at http://yankeeairmuseum.org/rosie-world-record/. This will save you time on the day of the event so you can check in and start having fun.
Doors open at 9:00 am. There will be games and activities to keep you busy from 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. The record count will begin at 11:00 a.m. The official photo will be taken at 1:00 p.m. It is important that you arrive by 11:00 a.m. to be counted.
You will need to wear the official costume to be counted:
1. DARK blue work clothes (jumpsuit or pants with shirt tucked in and sleeves rolled up). Jeans are OK as long as they are DARK.
2. Red socks
3. Dark “work” shoes (no sneakers, flip flops, sandals, or high heels)
4. A red bandana with white polkadots (not paisley)
Bandanas can be purchased in person at the Yankee Air Museum gift shop, or you can buy the fabric at Joann Fabrics. The pattern is called “Lipstick.” Dark blue jumpsuits can be found online at Amazon.com as well as in person through Carhartt, at Salvation Army, and at Tractor Supply Company. Dark blue work shirts and pants can generally be found at Meijer and Walmart in the Men’s section. Red socks can be found at any sporting goods store that sells soccer equipment. Shoes should be close-toed dark work shoes or boots. Little ones of all ages are welcome. Baby Rosie the Riveter costumes are available by searching online. Make sure the pants are full length and remember to buy red socks.
EMU’s Convocation Center is located at 799 N. Hewitt Rd in Ypsilanti. There is free parking.
If you have any questions, you can email rosies@yankeeairmuseum.org, or call the museum at (734) 483-4030.

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