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Former children’s librarian hired as library director

Jody Wolak, the new Library Director at your Wayne Public Library.

By Carolyn Marnon – In her free-time, she likes doing triathlons where she swims, bikes and runs!
She has lived in Michigan all her life, except for a short period of time spent in Wisconsin.
She loves reading Young Adult novels and social science non-fiction books.
She was recently certified as a scuba diver and prefers warm water on her vacations.
And she lives in Northville with her yellow lab, Einstein.
Who is this woman? She is Jody Wolak, the new Library Director at your Wayne Public Library.
After a 10-year career in marketing, Jody decided to switch careers. While working full-time in marketing, she worked on obtaining her Master in Library Science. She enjoyed problem solving and being creative, but she also always loved libraries and literature.
Her first library jobs were both part-time jobs as Children’s Librarian at the Rochester Hills library and at the Wayne library. She moved on to full-time employment at the William P. Faust Public Library of Westland as the Teen Librarian.
Before coming back to the Wayne library as its director, Jody spent less than two years as the Youth and Teen Director at the Chelsea library.
The job as Wayne Library Director has turned out to be more than she expected. “I knew I loved working with children and loved reading and books since I was a young child,” said Jody. “I enjoy doing library programs for children to adults and seniors. I think my marketing background has been very helpful in promoting the library and our services and making connections in the community. I’m looking forward to doing more of that here in Wayne.”
She goes on to say, “Libraries are so much more than books and reading. We’re a place for the community to gather, a place to see your friends, and a place to expand your horizons!” Jody and the approximately 16 employees of the library are here to serve the needs of the community. The library recently conducted a survey to learn what the community felt the priorities were for the library after a ballot measure was passed in August giving the library 1 mil in additional funding. The most urgent issue to address is the leaking roof. Although expanded library hours, more programming and additions to the collection (books/DVDs/magazines) are being considered, the library board wanted to know where to focus their efforts and where the biggest impact could be made using the feedback they receive from the surveys to inform their decisions.
The library board meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Surveys were collected through January 3. The board will be able to look at the surveys at their January meeting. Jody expects the library board and staff will have their initial plans ready to share with the community in February or March. Until then, stop into the library and welcome Jody back to the Wayne library.
“We’re entering a period of growth where we’ll be able to expand our services,” said Jody. “Please come check us out if you haven’t been here in awhile.”

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