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Murder outside Recreation Center details learned

Sixteen year-old Antoine Perry, Jr. leaves 29th District Court on December 28 for allegedly murdering a 19-year old outside HYPE Recreation Center on November 26, 2018.

By Carolyn Marnon – Sixteen year-old Antoine Perry, Jr. was in 29th District Court on December 28 for allegedly murdering a 19-year old outside HYPE Recreation Center on November 26, 2018. Antoine faced four charges: homicide-felony murder, armed robbery, and two charges of felony firearm.
Three Michigan State Police cars and three City of Wayne police cars were seen outside the courthouse while police officers filled the halls outside the courtroom.
The Honorable Judge Laura Mack presided over the court proceedings. She instructed those present that no pictures were to be taken of the defendant’s face or of any minor testifying before the court. She also made it clear that anyone who was testifying that day or who would testify in downtown Detroit was not allowed to view the proceedings.
The first witness was a 16-year old girl who said Antoine had been her boyfriend for a few months before the incident occurred. She said he had told her via Facetime that he was going to “jug” something. According to UrbanDictionary.com, “jug” means to steal.
Later that day, she and Antoine were hanging out in a garage with other friends where “we play music and conversate.” While they smoked weed, Antoine pulled a gun out and started playing with it. The witness said she told him he was trigger happy and that he needed to chill out.
Plans were made to get more weed. She said he told her he was going to take the weed from the weed guy.
The group pulled up behind HYPE where Antoine and another friend got out of the car. Antoine took her phone with him to text the weed guy. A bit later, the friend is running back to the car, shaking, saying “Twoin really blew that nigger” because he didn’t give him the weed. Antoine then shows up at the car, and she sees the gun. She testified they were all scared. Her sister, who was driving the car, takes off and then stops in front of Franklin Middle School. She said Antoine had dropped her phone and she wanted it back.
The second witness was in the HYPE parking lot, getting ready to work out. He said he noticed two African-American men standing by the corner and didn’t think anything of it. He went about gathering his workout gear and water bottle when his attention was then diverted back to the men. A car had pulled up to them. One went up to the driver’s side door and then he said the car took off at a high rate of speed with the person holding onto the door while it was being driven. The person tumbled from the car while firing several times at the vehicle driving away before running toward the corner of the building.
The final witness was Officer Michael Bolton of the Wayne Police Department. He says he received a report of a shooting. The victim was in the main lobby of HYPE bleeding from his stomach. Outside, he found three bullet shell casings and a phone about 3 inches away from the casings. Officer Bolton said the defendant walked up saying he was looking for his girlfriend’s cell phone. The defendant was detained at that time.
During testimony, sobs could be heard in the courtroom.
Judge Laura Mack said testimony showed probable cause. The defendant was placed at the scene of the crime with a gun. The witnesses were credible. The case was bound over to Wayne County Circuit Court.
On January 4 at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in downtown Detroit, Antoine Perry stood mute as a plea of not guilty was entered by the court. The court ordered a competency evaluation. The competency hearing is scheduled for March 1.

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