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Gable retires from courthouse after 21 years

Linda Gable

By Carolyn Marnon – Linda Gable, the 29th District Court Administrator, retired on December 18 after serving the 29th District Court for 21 years.
While Linda was in college studying for her degree in math and computer science, she took a summer job in 1983 as a file clerk at the 18th District Court, Westland. She went back to the 18th District Court the following summer and loved it so much, she decided to continue working there while going to school. She remained employed there until 1988.
She went from there to the 46th District Court, Southfield. She started as a clerk and moved her way up to be the IT person for the court. While there, she discovered she wanted to be a court administrator.
Linda was hired in Wayne in 1999 by Judge Carolyn Archbold. During her 21 years as administrator, she worked at the pleasure of Judge Carolyn Archbold, Judge Laura Mack and Judge Breeda O’Leary.
What does a Court Administrator do? “That’s a really long question,” she answered. “I do the day to day operations of the court.” While the judge oversees the courtroom, Linda oversees the office operations. “It’s like a household. You need to make it run, and you do what it takes to get it to run.”
During her career in Wayne, her biggest challenge has been the financial situation the City is in. “We try to be fiscally responsible” at the court. She laments having lost her longtime employees due to financial issues. One of her longtime staff members retired last April. The court’s current court clerks are comprised of employees that each have less than 3 years of experience.
Her greatest success has been “seeing my staff grow. I like to train my staff and see them excel even if they don’t stay here,” she said. The court had several interns over the years and they have gone on to become attorneys. “Their success is my success.” Linda enjoys training people to become the best they can be.
Her best memories at the courthouse revolves around people. She enjoys the camaraderie with the staff. “My best memory is all the friendships I’ve made.”
Linda has served nine different judges over her career. “I’m ready,” Linda said of her retirement. “I’m still going to be around. I’m not disappearing. My job was personal for me, and it will be hard to leave. The court is very special to me, and I want to see it succeed.”
Although she’ll miss the staff, the police and the general public, Linda will be able to spend more time with her grandchildren and travel. “I’ll miss dealing with the people on a regular basis. Right now, I’m going to try to enjoy retirement. When my husband retires, we would like to get another home in Florida.” She has traveled all over Michigan enjoying nature, walking, seeing the beauty of the state along with all its waterfalls. “Michigan is beautiful.”
What won’t she miss? “I’m not a morning person, so I won’t miss getting up early to come to work.”
As Linda left the courthouse building on her last day of work, police and community members celebrated her retirement with a drive-by parade. Amidst honking, sirens and shouts of “Yay Linda!” Linda waved as each car passed by.

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