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New homes in Kiawanis Park build on track

New Infinity Homes are being built in Kiwanis Park.

By Sarah Shurge – In February, two structures stood alone surrounded by snow. Now there are four structures. One stands in Lot 3, one in Lot 4, one in Lot 13, and the last in Lot 14. To some, it might look like an incomplete job. To others, it might look like progress within the city.
Infinity Homes & Co purchased the land that was Kiwanis Park in 2021 and earthwork began mid-Summer. The project was approved in the Fall, and they broke ground mid-October.
Twenty-two homes will be going up.
The group builds together 3 – 4 homes each month, so there are currently four homes in construction right now. The current homes are spec homes or quick inventory homes. A spec house (speculative house) or quick inventory home is a home builders design to be move-in-ready.
As of now, Infinity Homes & Co’s build schedule is to finish the spec homes, then four homes in May and four more in April. They are finishing the rough framing now which should be ready in the next 90 – 120 days.
Houses are generally taking six to eight months to build with the shortages companies are dealing with.
“Our supply chain has been an issue. Increase in lumber over 35%, and labor has been an issue and a challenge. It has impacted us to stay on schedule,” said Rino Soave, CEO of Infinity Homes & Co. “We’re also dealing with delays with the holidays and utility delays. Delivery dates have been extended because we are waiting on utilities.”
Aside from all of the delays, the snow also slowed the project down, as well as oil has recently become an issue. The whole process is expected to take 18 months.
“By April, the project will be in full swing. There will be a lot of activity there. Activity helps the project move along,” said Soave. “People will see things are moving.”
By mid-Summer the whole project is expected to be under contract.
“Feedback has been great and positive,” said Soave. “We get a lot of phone calls; people are delighted to see the progress. They have been embracing it and seeing what good it does for the community,”
Permitting also slowed the process down, but home sales were opened in the Fall. The first sale was made mid-October. Over half of the 22 homes have been sold already. There are about 7 or 8 units still available.
A variety of floor plans ranging from 1,200-2,023 square feet with designer included features have been listed on the Infinity Homes & Co’s website, as well as prices listed in the mid $200s.
“Trying to sell affordability is difficult but especially now in today’s market. That’s something we [Infinity Homes & Co] take pride in. That’s what we talk about around here: making homeownership affordable and attainable,” said Soave. “People are getting into a brand- new house which works out to be almost like an apartment payment.”
Sales are being conducted from Legacy Park Sale Gallery.
For information about Infinity Homes & Co or the homes in Kiwanis Park, visit: infinityhomes-corp.com. If you have questions or would like to speak with someone, you can call (646)627-9528.

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