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Three new restaurants coming to Wayne

By Sarah Shurge – It’s an exciting time for the City of Wayne as three new restaurants: Lee’s Chicken, Wingstop, and Taste The Smoke will be coming to Wayne in the near future.
“This will diversify our offering of places to eat and keep people from leaving the city when looking for a meal,” said Lori Gouin, Downtown Development Authority Director.
Lee’s Chicken will be opening at what was the Brownie’s Diner on Michigan Ave.
It will be a complete renovation. Construction is expected to start in about two months. They are still waiting on Site Plan Approval.
Wingstop will be opening in the Rite Aid plaza near Domino’s on Michigan Ave. and Wayne Rd. Construction should begin within the next month.
Taste the Smoke will be opening in what was the old Pizza Hut building on Michigan Ave. and Elizabeth St. Interior renovations have already begun.
Taste the Smoke is a catering business and BBQ food truck, but the owner wanted to own a location.
“We have the Ford Plant, so that’s thousands of people that will travel to and from work that will see his restaurant,” said Gouin.
Wingstop and Taste the Smoke are expected to open by the end of summer. While Lee’s Chicken is expected to open probably closer to winter. However, with supplies and labor at the current time, the current plan for openings could change.
“The public has responded very favorably so far, especially with Lee’s Chicken,” said Gouin.
On March 1st, The DDA posted on Facebook that Lee’s was coming to Wayne. The post received 150 reacts and over 250 shares. Residents seem thrilled that they no longer will have to drive to Plymouth to get Lee’s Chicken.
But wait, there’s more.
Lee’s Chicken wanted to expand in Wayne County, so the new restaurant is expected to have carry-out, a drive-thru, and a sit-down area. You’ll no longer have to stand outside and wait for your food. And they will also be adding a sandwich to their menu. “It’s great these restaurants are coming to Wayne,” said Gouin. “It’s one of my goals to offer a wide variety of options to our residents and we’re really starting to make that happen.”

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