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Veterans Memorial project needs help

Posted On 16 Dec 2019
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Rendering of the Veterans Memorial project for Goudy Park.

By Carolyn Marnon – What is happening with the $26,000 the City of Wayne received in donations last year from military service veterans, members of UAW Local 900 and Ford? The original plan was for the money to go towards fixing the Peace Memorial located next to the Wayne library. After some discussion, the donors decided they did not want the funds to go to the renovation of the Peace Memorial because it was not a memorial that specifically honored veterans.
UAW Local 845 in Canton will be moving to Wayne soon to occupy Wild Bill Copland’s former party store on Wayne Rd. They will be bringing with them their Veterans Memorial which will be relocated to the south side of Wayne City Hall. Plans are also in place to designate some parking spots for Veterans Only.
The Wayne Veterans Memorial will be, according to a handout from the City, “a lasting tribute for the many veterans who served their country. Many of these brave souls died, were declared missing in action, or taken prisoner of war. It is incumbent on all to honor our veterans, both past and present, as we would not be enjoying the freedom we have today without their sacrifice.” It is estimated that an additional $50,000 will still need to be raised. Those funds would go toward preparing the groundwork, pouring concrete, moving the existing monuments being brought to Wayne, placement of the monuments, flagpole placement, bench placement and any other miscellaneous costs. The City is expecting to break ground on the project in Spring 2020 and hope they will have the money raised by then.
If you would like to be part of the memorial’s history, you can donate to the Wayne Veterans Memorial. Your name will be recorded at City Hall and become a permanent addition to the project. To donate, please make a check out to City of Wayne and indicate “Veterans Memorial” on the memo line. This will ensure your contribution gets deposited into the Veterans Memorial fund.
Checks can be mailed to City of Wayne, Attn: Finance Director, 3355 S. Wayne Rd., Wayne MI 48184. If you prefer, you can visit the Finance Department at City Hall to make a donation. If you have any questions about the Veterans Memorial project, please contact Director of Community Development Lori Gouin at (734) 722-2002 or lgouin@cityofwayne.com.
“This project and partnership with the UAW Local 845 and the great residents of our community will honor all of those who served our great country. The City is honored to play a part in bringing these groups together for such a great cause,” said Lori.

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