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$1.7 million investment

By Carolyn Marnon – Vacant land on Cogswell in Wayne will soon be vacant no more! City Council approved the proposed rezoning of the land after the second reading of the proposal. The property was zoned IND-2 Heavy Industrial. The approved conditional rezoning to IND-2 allows for the butchering/slaughtering of animals and for retail sales.
Michigan Meats will be making a $1.7 million investment in Wayne. Plans call for the construction of three buildings on the site (8000 sq. ft., 3200 sq. ft, and 3000 sq. ft.) Michigan Meats will be a USDA approved and monitored facility to make sure it stays food-grade clean.
There will be a small custom butcher shop. All operations will be completely conducted indoors and will be temperature-controlled. The storage of animals will be entirely indoors; no animals will ever be stored outside. All waste materials will be contained within the structures in a temperature-controlled environment in drums which will be picked up for disposal daily. There will be a four-yard dumpster used for straw and manure which will also be stored indoors in a temperature-controlled environment and picked up as needed.
The facility will adhere to all City noise and odor ordinances. The loudest noise is said to be the compressors that run the cooling systems.
A retail store will operate at the site. No information as to when Michigan Meats will start operating. The 5.63 acre piece of land will still have space for future development.

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