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Additional convenience to pay water bill

Residents and taxpayers of the City of Wayne now have a more convenient way to pay their water and property tax bills. The City of Wayne is now part of the DivDat Kiosk Network which includes 70+ DivDat kiosk locations in Michigan.
A resident desiring to pay in cash-fee free-can pay at the kiosk. Check and credit card payments are also accepted.
Residents can make no-touch payments from the safety of their home on the DivDat Mobile App, or online through the City website at www.ci.wayne.mi.us/
Account posting will occur at time of payment, and there is no fee when using cash or a check. When paying by credit or debit card, there will be a merchant fee disclosed at the time of payment.
You can find the location of a DivDat kiosk at www.divdatkiosk.com. There will be two kiosks coming to downtown Wayne.
You can also still continue to use the City Hall drop box, mail or online to make payments.

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