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New officer and promotion within the Police Department

Officer Ali Nahli was sworn in as a police officer.

By Sarah Shurge – The Wayne Police Department now has 23 police officers and six sergeants.
In mid-June, Officer Ali Nahli was sworn in as a police officer and became part of those 23, while Officer Kyle Talmadge was promoted to sergeant and became part of those six.
Officer Nahli began his orientation process with the Wayne PD on Monday, June 14.
Officer Nahli has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan-Dearborn and recently graduated from the Wayne County Regional Police Academy.
“We’re thrilled to have Officer Nahli aboard,” said Wayne Police Chief Ryan Strong. “He seems enthusiastic and eager to learn. We’re looking forward to having him here.”
Sergeant Talmadge has been with the Wayne Police Department for six years. Sergeant Talmadge is a Field Training Officer, a member of the Peer Support Team, and a Firearm Instructor. Prior to his promotion, he was a detective in the Wayne Investigation Bureau.
With Talmadge’s promotion, Officer Colwell has been put on special assignment to fill the detective spot.
“Officer Colwell has hit the ground running and done a great job handling cases already,” said Chief Strong.
A sergeant in the police department is a leadership position where you must help guide and keep officers on the right path.
“I have a great deal of respect for Talmadge so I’m thrilled to see him in his new position. He seems eager to take on his new role and we’re confident that he’ll learn a great deal about the position and lead the next generation of officers,” said Chief Strong.
Chief Strong said the best advice for a new police officer is to remember to work hard with integrity, tell the truth, and learn from the experiences of other officers.
“It’s been 22 years and I love this job, but it’s nice to see young people build their careers. It’s important seeing people love this job like I do,” said Chief Strong.

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