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Recreation Center purchased by Hype Athletics

Hype Recreation Center.

By Sarah Shurge – Hype Athletics is here to stay.
After an almost year-long process, due to COVID-19 and processing delays, Ali Sayed, Founder and CEO of Hype, purchased the recreation building from the City of Wayne.
Hype had been leasing the building since August 2015.
Hype Athletics is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing communities with drug-free, violent-free, and diverse athletic events and programs for kids and adults.
In 2001, Hype was created with the mission to strengthen infrastructures that support the positive development of the youth in the community through athletics, educational tutoring, literacy development, and social awareness (including: mentoring, counseling, life skills training, and substance abuse education and prevention).
For over five years Hype has been bringing the community positive and productive programs that have been changing people’s lives.
As soon as August 2020 came around, Sayed began the discussion of purchasing the building from the city.
The sale went through mid-July 2021.
“Under the Hype umbrella, we had to abide by the guidelines of the city; not that it was a problem before. But now, in a positive way, we have gained full control of the center, and are going to be able to do a lot more. There really isn’t any limitation to the service we can provide,” said Sayed.
Hype’s goal since the purchase is to maintain services for residents, and maintain the beauty and improve the beauty of the building.
“Sayed purchasing the building will give him the ability to improve the building and aesthetics of the building,” said Lori Gouin, City of Wayne Community Development/-Planning Director.
Sayed explained they plan on doing a lot of capital improvements to the building, such as fixing the parking lot and painting the outside and inside of the building. Along with repurposing the aquatic center, expanding the workout room, and making improvements to the banquet rooms.
“It’s going to take a huge burden off the city’s standpoint and free up money in the budget to focus on our parks,” said Gouin.
Sayed is more than ready and willing for this next step.
“The city has entrusted us with the leadership and opportunity to serve its residents. With the freedom of this purchase, they are allowing us to do our best to serve the kids, adults, and seniors in that center,” said Sayed.
Sayed grew up in a diverse environment, with a passion to teach kids to play sports. Over the years, Sayed’s vision blossomed. There are now multiple Hype locations and he is working on national and international projects.
“I’d like to thank everyone that played a role and voted in support of this project and the sale of the building. It was great to have worked with the council and administration, who have been very patient in this process but nonetheless, determined to help Hype continue providing service to Wayne,” said Sayed.
Hype Athletics is open Monday through Friday 6AM through 9PM, and Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m. through 8 p.m..
For more information about Hype, visit hypeathletics.org or call (734)721-7400.

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